SWP21 Fear and Dead Men Squad Pack


The iconic Darth Vader helps usher in a whole new era in Star Wars™: Shatterpoint! Wielding the full power of the dark side of the Force, Vader enters the game as one of the first Primary Units from the Galactic Civil War era, opening even more squad-building possibilities. He is flanked by a trio of fearsome Imperial Stormtroopers, including Lt. TK-289 as a Secondary Unit and two standard Stormtroopers as a Supporting Unit ready to bring the weight of the Empire to bear against their opponents. Rounding out this pack are all the Stat, Order, and Stance cards players need to add these characters to their squads.

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These are the Unit and Stance cards included in the Fear and Dead Men Squad Pack!

Unit Cards


What’s included

  • 4 Miniatures
  • 3 Unit Stat Cards
  • 3 Unit Order Cards
  • 3 Unit Stance Cards

360˚ view

Miniature Assembly

Find assembly diagrams for the Fear and Deadmen Squadron Pack here!

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