Rules and Organized Play

Here you will find all the rules documents you need to play Star Wars: Armada, including the Tournament Regulations and Errata Reference!

Rules Reference

This document is a reference for all Star Wars: Armada rules queries. Unlike the Learn to Play booklet, the Rules Reference booklet does not teach players how to play the game. Players should first read the Learn to Play booklet in its entirety and play the learning scenario, using this Rules Reference booklet when necessary.


Tournament Regulations

In this packet you will find the official rules for running and participating in a Star Wars: Armada Tournament. This kit will provide resources for Event Organizers and players alike to understand the structure of these organized events.


Errata Reference

Below you will find the complete and current list of all Star Wars: Armada Errata.


Rapid Reinforcements I and II

Even the most grizzled of veterans may sometimes find themselves in need of reinforcements. This print-and-play document contains Tournament-legal ships and upgrades, armed and ready to fly into your games of Star Wars: Armada.


Star Wars: Armada Rules Forum

A place to ask Rules Questions about Star Wars: Armada