Atomic Mass Games Presents:

Ministravaganza 2024

Live Stream Event

Check out the full schedule for Ministravaganza 2024! We are thrilled to bring you all the latest updates and announcements for Star Wars: Legion, Star Wars: Shatterpoint, and Marvel: Crisis Protocol from July 18-20, 2024. Scroll down for updates on each individual game line and check back throughout the show for high resolution photos from our roadmaps and links to any documents and print-and-play files. Plus, follow us on our social media to celebrate miniatures painted by our community throughout the weekend with the #ministravminis.

Miss a panel you wanted to see? Watch the VODs on YouTube Playlist.

We are excited for this next chapter of Star Wars™: Legion. Read our deep dive transmission from the development team as they share a robust look at the new rules refresh and watch for the VOD of the panel on our Ministrav 2024 Playlist on Youtube.

New Battle Orders received! Check out the website for the updated documents for Star Wars: Legion, including the Rulebook, Battle Forces, Errata, and more.

On Friday, we shared a Star Wars: Legion Roadmap. Here’s a summary of what was covered.

We did card reveals for the following products we initially showed painted miniatures for at Adepticon 2024 including:

  • Rebel Sleeper Cell Unit Expansion, including the cards for the Astromech and Rebel Marksman.
  • Riot Control Squad Unit Expansion, including the cards for the KX-Series Security Droids & Stormtrooper Marksman.
  • LM-432 Crab Droids Unit Expansion including the upgrade cards for Twin Blaster Cannons and Heavy Laser Cannon.

We shared some painted miniatures we had previewed sculpts for in the past including:

  • Aqua Droids Unit Expansion.
  • ARF Troopers Unit Expansion (including their Jedi Squad Leader).
  • Stormtroopers Unit Expansion (hard plastic resculpt).
  • Rebel Troopers Unit Expansion (hard plastic resculpt).
  • Scout Troopers Unit Expansion (hard plastic resculpt).
  • Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion (hard plastic resculpt).
  • Heroes of the Rebellion character Expansion (hard plastic resculpts of Luke Skywalker, Commander of the Rebellion, Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, General Leia Organa, and Chewbacca, General Han Solo)
  • Darth Vader & General Veers (had plastic resculpt).

Lastly, we took a look into the future and previewed some unpainted sculpt renders for:

  • Clone Trooper Infantry Unit Expansion (hard plastic resculpt).
  • Commander Ahsoka Tano and Padawan Ahsoka Tano – two versions of this character coming to the Grand Army of the Republic.
  • Clone Trooper Marksmen Unit Expansion.
  • Imperial Probe Droids Unit Expansion.
  • Imperial High Command Character Expansion (featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn, Grand Moff Tarkin, Director Orson Krennic, and General Tagge).

And we teased art for future expansions on the theme of characters mounted on vehicles or creatures:

  • General Grievous on Wheelbike.
  • Han and Luke Tauntauns.

At the War Table: Theaters of War Panel on Saturday, we shared the updated STAR WARS: Legion Special Operations Rulebook, including the Bright Tree Allies and Mandalorian Super Commando Squads, and the Dangerous Environments Game Mode document on our. They are now available on our website.


We started off Ministravaganza 2024 with a look at our Roadmap for STAR WARS: Shatterpoint.

We shared some card reveals for products teased at Adepticon 2024.

  • CT-9904, Elite Squad Leader and ES-04, Firebrand  from the Good Soldiers Follow Orders Squad Pack.
  • Paz Vizsla and Covert Mandalorians from the This is the Way Squad Pack.
  • Boba Fett, On Contract and Dengar, The Demolisher from the We Don’t Need Their Scum Character Pack.
  • General Veers, Tactical Genius and Snowtrooper Lieutenant from the Maximum Firepower Squad Pack.
  • Lando Calrissian, Galactic Entrepeneur, Lobot, Computer Liaison Officer from the What Have We Here Squad Pack.

We shared our first look at painted miniatures for some our upcoming squads.

  • Request Your Surrender Squad Pack featuring Jedi Master Kit Fisto, Nahdar Vebb, Clone Commander Fil, and Fil’s
  • The Wisdom of the Council Squad Pack featuring Jedi Masters Ki-Adi-Mundi and Shaak Ti with Padawan Learners.
  • All The Way Squad Pack featuring Cassian Andor, K-2S0, and Rebel Pathfinders.
  • Deploy the Garrison Squad Pack featuring Director Orson Krennic, Death Troopers, and Shoretroopers.

We also previewed sculpts for:

  • Terror from Below Squad pack featuring Riff Tamson, Nossor Ri, and two Separatist Aqua Droids.
  • Delta Squad Form Up Squad pack featuring fan favorite clone commandos Boss, Fixer, Sev, and Scorch.
  • This is Rogue One Squad pack featuring Jyn Erso, Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus, and Bodhi Rooki.

On Friday, we revealed Key Operations, a new game mode for STAR WARS: Shatterpoint. Print-and-play cards are now live on our website.

During our War Table: Creating Team Tactics panel, we debuted some of our newest updates for Marvel: Crisis Protocol including the latest Errata Cards, Challenger Document, and Banned/Restricted List.

We opened the final day of Ministravaganza with a product Roadmap.

We started by revealing cards for some of the characters we previewed painted miniatures for at Adepticon 2024:

  • Weapon X & Maverick.
  • Sunspot & Warlock.
  • Angel from the Angel & Archangel Character Pack.
  • Werewolf by Night and Dracula from the Monsters Unleashed Character Pack.
  • Hunter Seeks Vengeance & Darkness Falls One-Shot Cards from the Tomb of Dracul Terrain Pack.
  • Wrecking Crew from the Abomination & Wrecking Crew Character Pack.
  • Mephisto team tactic cards.

We also did some previews of painted miniatures we had shown sculpt renders for in the past including:

  • Elsa Bloodstone & Man-Thing.
  • Nova & Yondu.
  • The Inhuman Royal Court featuring King Black Bolt, Karnak, Gorgon, and Maximus the Mad
  • Gladiator from the War of Kings Character and Crisis Card Pack.

Lastly, we took a look at some of our plans for the far future with sculpt renders, including:

  • Avalanche, Exodus & Lady Mastermind
  • Echo, Tigra & Ronin.
  • Spider-Man 2099 from the Spider-Verse Character Pack.
  • Phoenix & Dark Phoenix.

During our 5 Year Development Retrospective panel on Saturday, we dropped all-new print-and-play One-Shot cards for pre-existing Marvel: Crisis Protocol terrain packs on our website.