SWP08 This Party’s Over Squad Pack

A legendary Jedi Master crashes the party in this pack for Star Wars: Shatterpoint! Few can challenge the prowess of Mace Windu and this pack brings this legendary swordsman to Star Wars: Shatterpoint along with Clone Commander CT-411 “Ponds” and two ARF Troopers. Players can use these characters together as a powerful squad or have them join other characters in their own custom teams. No matter what they choose, players will also find all the Stat, Order, and Stance cards they need to add these characters to any Star Wars: Shatterpoint squad.

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These are the Unit and Stance cards included in This Party’s Over Squadron Pack!

Unit Cards

Stance Cards

What’s included

  • 1 Plastic Mace Windu Miniature
  • 1 Plastic CT-411 Commander Ponds Miniature
  • 2 ARF Clone Trooper Miniatures
  • 4 Bases
  • 3 Unit Cards
  • 3 Stance Cards
  • 3 Order Cards

360˚ view

Miniature Assembly

Find assembly diagrams for the This Party’s Over Squadron Pack here!

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Databank Download: CT-411 Commander Ponds & ARF Clone Troopers Preview

Star Wars: Shatterpoint


Together with Jedi Master Windu, Ponds and his ARF Clone Troopers participated in a number of key battles, including retaking the Twi’lek homeworld of Ryloth, as well as seeing action on Geonosis and Malastare.

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Databank Download: Jedi Master Mace Windu Preview

Star Wars: Shatterpoint


And though he showed a disdain for politics, Windu’s keen mind and instincts let him unravel sinister plots against his order; he was one of the few who eventually saw through the veils of lies erected by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

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