2024/2025 Organized Play – Grand Tournaments



AMG Grand Tournaments (GTs) are the new yearly competitive tournament system for global conventions and events. GTs represent the highest level of competition, where players can challenge themselves within their home region and beyond.

Which AMG Games Are Supported?

Grand Tournaments are available for all five AMG game lines:

     • Star Wars™: Legion

     • Star Wars: Shatterpoint

     • Star Wars: X-Wing

     • Star Wars: Armada

     • Marvel: Crisis Protocol

How Do Grand Tournaments Differ from the Worlds System?

Unlike the previous Worlds Tournament System, Grand Tournaments do not feed into a larger event. There is no inherent ranking system or path by which players must earn their spot in a different culminating event. Every GT run during the season has the same level of competition and reward as each other GT.

Due to their independent nature, GTs do not require the same internal level of oversight, expense, or restrictions on which regions may hold one. This means that we can increase the number of events across the world and service newer or growing communities that otherwise would have been unable to qualify for an invite-awarding tournament under the previous system.

How will Grand Tournaments Be Run?

Each game system has its own Grand Tournament Rules Packet which details how the event must be run. These GT-specific packets will be sent to all organizers who are selected to run an event. At their core, all GTs are Swiss-style tournaments that seek to create an environment as close to the standard game experience as possible. This means the player progression from store level to GT feels natural and organic for those seeking a higher level of competition to challenge their skills.

Standard Tournament Documents by Game Line:

Star Wars: Legion Galactic Conquest Event Document

Star Wars: Shatterpoint Premier Showdown Event Document

Star Wars: X-Wing Tournament Regulations Document

Star Wars: Armada Tournament Regulations Document

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Challenger Event Document

GTs are run over a certain number of rounds as determined by the size of the event and detailed in the General Tournament Documents. The minimum number of players required for a GT is 32, with a minimum of 5 total rounds. Please note: While 32 players is the minimum number of players required to be eligible for a GT, the actual number of attendees required to be chosen for a GT is based on multiple factors including regional distribution of events and player population densities.

As AMG strongly believes in rewarding players for the act of playing over the act of winning, the reward structure of each GT is weighted such that all players earn rewards per game completed in the event. Thus players do not lose out on most of the rewards simply because they had a bad first round. This encourages players to continue playing until the completion of the event, making for a much better experience for all players.

GTs also reward the top 4 players with higher value awards and (of course) a trophy for the event champion. A complete list of prizes will be announced once the events are selected and scheduled.

How does an Event Qualify for Grand Tournament Status?

Each year AMG determines the total number of Grand Tournaments available based on yearly budget considerations.  From this total pool, AMG and Asmodee OP will assign a certain number of GTs per global region, assuring that each region has access to GTs that will help promote, support, and grow that region’s community.

Any qualifying event may apply through our online application to be considered for a 2024/2025 GT.

     • Applications must be submitted by May 1st, 2024 to be considered.

     • Selection will be completed by May 15th.

     • Events will be held from June 2024 to May 2025.

Once the year’s GTs are selected, the schedule will be announced.

     • The base requirements for running a GT are as follows:

     • The event must be held in person at a legitimate public venue.

     • The event must be open to the public.

     • The minimum number of players required for a GT is 32.  

     • The event must be able to provide terrain and tables following the specified guidelines for table setup in the GT Packet.

     • Events must have at least 1 dedicated Event Judge per 16 players (meaning, that a 32-person GT must have 2+ Event Judges).

     • GTs must follow the relevant GT Rules Packet EXACTLY and in its entirety.

     • All GTs will be required to submit an after-action report. Details of this report will be outlined for organizers after selection.


This area is reserved for publicly answering questions that arise during the GT season. Please check back for updates!