SWP09 Fistful of Credits Squad Pack

The galaxy’s most ruthless bounty hunter’s enter Star Wars: Shatterpoint in this pack! The clever and fearsome Cad Bane has built his reputation working for the Hutts and even Darth Sidious himself and this pack adds him to the game as a Primary Unit. Joining him are the deadly Aurra Sing and a Bounty Hunter unit consisting of a Chadran-Fan, Todo 360, and a Devaronian as new Secondary Unit options for player’s Squads. In addition to beautifully sculpted miniatures of these characters, this pack also includes all the Unit, Stance, and Order cards for players to make full use of them in Star Wars: Shatterpoint!

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These are the Unit and Stance cards included in the Fistful of Credits Squadron Pack!

Unit Cards

Stance Cards

What’s included

  • 1 Plastic Cad Bane Miniature
  • 1 Plastic Aurra Sing Miniature
  •  2 Bounty Hunter Miniatures
  • 4 Bases
  • 3 Unit Cards
  • 3 Stance Cards
  • 3 Order Cards

360˚ view

Miniature Assembly

Find assembly diagrams for the Fistful of Credits Squadron Pack here!

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Databank Download: Cad Bane, Notorious Hunter Preview

Star Wars: Shatterpoint


Cad Bane has a special sort of swagger and confidence, necessary traits for tackling the most difficult jobs in the galaxy, such as hunting Jedi.

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Databank Download: Aurra Sing & Bounty Hunters Preview

Star Wars: Shatterpoint


Aurra Sing’s reputation as a skilled hunter and assassin is well-earned, and even the likes of Cad Bane and Hondo Ohnaka have sought her assistance from time to time.

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