SWL115 Geonosian Warriors Unit Expansion


Geonosian Warriors join the Separatist cause in this new expansion for Star Wars: Legion! Relying on their sturdy exoskeletons to protect them from harm and their great numbers to swarm their opponents, Geonosian warriors are an imposing new Corps option for the Separatist Alliance. This expansion adds seven Geonosian Warrior miniatures to players’ armies, including a Geonosian Warrior leader and 4 Geonosian Warriors armed with powerful sonic blasters that are devastating at close range. Joining them are a Force Pike Warrior and a Sonic Cannon Warrior who can be added to the unit as heavy weapon options.

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These are the Unit and Upgrade cards included in the Geonosian Warriors Unit expansion!

Unit Card

Upgrade Cards

What’s included

7 Geonosian Warrior Miniatures
7 Bases
1 Unit Card
3 Upgrade Cards
1 Punch Sheet
1 Insert Sheet

360˚ view

Miniature Assembly

Find assembly diagrams for Geonosian Warriors here!

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Scene to Stats: Geonosian Warriors

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With the most potential to break out of their monotonous lifestyle, the warrior caste of the insect-like Geonosians were eager to prove themselves in arena combat to earn accolades and honor among their hive

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