Scene to Stats: Bright Tree Village


SWL109, SWL110, & SWL138Bright Tree Village Battle Force

Bright Tree Village, situated high in the trees of the Forest Moon of Endor, contributed a great number of unconventional warriors to the battle between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance on their home planet. Reinforced by a Rebel ground assault team, the Ewoks fought the Imperials with a ferocity that took the occupiers completely by surprise and resulted in the destruction of the second Death Star’s shield generator. This army was partially composed of Ewok leadership, stolen tech, and a protocol droid mistaken as a deity (to name a few elements). In a critical moment for the Rebellion, this ragtag team prevailed, and created the opportunity the fleet above desperately needed to deal a definitive blow to the Empire. Join us in this installment of Scene to Stats, where we investigate the Bright Tree Village battleforce for Star Wars™: Legion!

When Luke Skywalker lifted C-3PO with the Force, it struck fear and trepidation into the hearts of the Ewoks. A legend from the past, he was instantly revered as the “Golden One” or “Golden God.” His influence upon the Ewoks is represented in several ways on his new unit card. Divine Influence gives Bright Tree affiliated troopers Guardian 2 and allows those units to cancel crits as if they were hits. These Ewok troopers can also be targeted by Compel, as C-3PO encourages them to move forward into the fray. His classic re-telling of the Rebel’s conflict against the Empire is reflected in another new keyword, Master Storyteller. The longer the battle rages, the more units C-3PO can choose to benefit from this ability. Finally, Infiltrate ensures C-3PO is in the right position to encourage the army of Bright Tree forward as the fight begins.

A well-respected Ewok Shaman, Logray was initially convinced that the conflict between the Rebellion and the Empire was too great for his people to be involved in. Eventually he was swayed and joined the struggle in earnest. Logray is able to survive on his own with Independent: Aim or Dodge 1, Low Profile, and Nimble. He supports his fellow Ewoks with Inspire 2 and Aid. Finally, Logray’s courage of 3 will be a boon as his forces continue to battle the Imperials. But that’s not all Logray has in store!

Three new training upgrades give Logray a number of options to equip when he’s getting ready for war. “Secret Ingredients” gives him an Aim or Dodge token, which he can gain at the start of his activation. He also removes a suppression token after using Aid. A renowned healer, “Herbal Medicine” can be exhausted to remove a wound or restore a mini from an affiliated Bright Tree trooper unit. Last but certainly not least, “Onward to Victory” is exhausted to give a friendly trooper a speed-1 move when an enemy unit is defeated. And if these training upgrades aren’t enough to beat back the might of the Empire, Logray has a few more surprises in his satchel.

The Bright Tree Village battle force has four new command cards to fight against their enemies. “Arboreal Assault” gives Bright Tree affiliated units access to Suppressive and Immobilize 1. Additionally, after friendly Special Forces units perform an attack against a unit with a faceup order token, that unit’s order token is shuffled back into the order pool. When you need to set up a clever ambush, “Hidden in Plain Sight” grants two trooper units Inconspicuous, allowing them to get in an ideal position or melt away into the forest. Sound the charge with “For the Tribe,” which allows units that are issued an order by this card to Recover and gives Bright Tree units with faceup order tokens Dauntless and Relentless. Finally, “Log Traps” activates a unique attack, as wood descends upon a hapless enemy to annihilate them in a cascade of timber.

Riding high in a stolen AT-ST, Chewbacca brings some serious firepower to Bright Tree Village. His unit card has all the hallmarks of a standard Imperial AT-ST, with some of its powerful upgrades already included. Being an adept vehicle pilot, Chewbacca surges to crit while attacking. He also has Inspire 3, as his towering war machine punishes the Imperial defenders, and rallies the troops around him. Finally, Incognito allows him to blend in and stay hidden until the time is right to strike.

Additionally, there are several Rebel units that can be taken to bolster the Ewoks as they take the fight to the Imperials. Heroic leaders such as Han Solo and Leia Organa can be added as Commanders to a Bright Tree Battle Force. Rebel troopers can also be brought to diversify the core of your army. Finally, Rebel Commando units provide elite back-up and precision where it is needed most. Together, with the Defenders of Bright Tree Village, the Rebellion will have the support it needs to destroy the Shield Generator and defeat the Empire. For a look at all of the Bright Tree Village army-building rules, click here:

That’s all for our first look at the contents of the Bright Tree Village Battle Force. Be sure to check back for yet another installment of Scene to Stats, the series where we give you your first look at how your favorite characters transition to the tabletop in Star Wars: Legion. Pre-order your own copy of the Wicket and Logray Commander Expansion at your local game store or through the webstore today.

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