Scene To Stats: Black Sun Enforcers


Scene to Stats: Black Sun Enforcers

“We’re not mercenaries!”
–Xomit Grunseit, Star Wars™: The Clone Wars

The Black Sun is a criminal syndicate that rose to power during the tumultuous events of the Clone Wars. Seizing an opportunity created by the Jedi’s focus on military affairs, the Black Sun gained influence quickly and established itself as a formidable crime family. Primarily focusing on the trafficking of sentient life forms, the Black Sun’s success continued into the creation of the Empire and even into the era of the New Republic. The backbone of the Black Sun’s forces is the Enforcer—efficient, ruthless, and utterly dedicated to their Vigo. In this installment of Scene to Stats, we’re taking a look at the Black Sun Enforcers for Star Wars™: Legion!

The Black Sun employs a variety of methods to enforce the will of their leaders. Their primary weapon is the iconic BH-4 Double Blaster, which fires a black and white die per miniature. The Enforcer’s proficiency in combat is reflected in Precise 1, which allows the unit to re-roll one extra attack die when spending an aim token. The unit also benefits from Independent: Aim 1. This new ability grants the Enforcers an aim token if they were not issued an order that turn. Finally, Dauntless keeps Black Sun units moving, reflecting their dedication to the job even while under fire. This potent combination of keywords means Black Sun Enforcers excel at working on their own, while the rest of your forces focus on the task at hand.

When a more kinetic solution is required to get the job done, the Black Sun Enforcers have access to deadly upgrades in the form of two heavy weapons. The Mag-Det Enforcer packs a serious punch, throwing out explosive mines that are particularly effective against targets with Armor. Need something absolutely decimated at close range? The Scatter Gun Enforcer will take care of it. With these weapons on the battlefield, Black Sun Enforcers provide the needed muscle to support the armies they are added to.

While Black Sun Enforcers rely on their weapons to do the bulk of the work, they may also bring other tools to battle to get the job done. Though not as flashy as a heavy weapon, simply adding the Black Sun Enforcer personnel upgrade gives the unit Cache: Dodge 1, allowing it to gain a Dodge token during setup and save it for just the right moment later in the game. When a more personal touch is needed, a unit of Enforcers may also take a Black Sun Vigo as their Leader, granting them Independent: Surge 1 as well as increasing the unit’s courage by 1 to reflect the strong hand of the attached Vigo. This can help the Enforcer’s survivability while also making the unit more resilient to suppression. Turns out having the boss with you has its perks!

That’s all for our first look at the feared Black Sun Enforcers. Be sure to check back for yet another installment of Scene to Stats, the series where we give you your first look at how your favorite characters transition to the tabletop in Star Wars: Legion. Pre-order your own copy of the Shadow Collective Starter Set and the Black Sun Enforcers Unit Expansion at your local game store or through our webstore today. Until then, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off!