From Panel to Play: Vulture


In today’s From Panel to Play we take flight with another of Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery, Adrian Toomes, famously known as the Vulture!

Adrian was a gifted engineer who created an electromagnetic harness that gave the wearer the ability to fly. After a betrayal by his business partner, he decided to go into the masked supervillain business as the high-flying Vulture. One to always flaunt his intelligence, Vulture once publicly announced his intended theft of diamonds from a local jewelry shop, and while everyone was watching the sky for his attack, he popped out of the sewers to grab the goods and flee through the subway tunnels!

Adrian is a close-range combatant who is very disruptive to an opponent’s plans. He is a Threat Value 3 character with mediocre defensive stats (5 Stamina on both sides and 3/3/3 defenses). As you would expect from someone with a flight generating harness and great big green wings, Vulture has the Flight Innate superpower that pairs well with his Medium movement.

Vulture’s razor-sharp feathers might cause an enemy target to Bleed after he uses his Raptor Strike, a Physical 5-dice close range attack that generates power for him. His second attack, Skyline Hunter, however, will send opponent’s flying as he dives into them and throws them Medium before the attack deals damage, ensuring the target will not remain in position. This 4-Power cost attack is also Physical in nature and boasts a sizable dice pool to go along with its Range of 3.

Vulture’s flight allows him to swoop in and out of the battle with ease. This comes through in his first Active superpower, Hit and Run. When combined with his Skyline Hunter attack or his next superpower, Vulture can be extremely mobile, difficult to hit, and disruptive to his opponents.

Vulture has one Reactive superpower–Abduct. This superpower is triggered when Vulture begins a move action such as the one granted by the earlier mentioned Hit and Run. Before moving, Vulture selects an enemy character and after his move action is complete, the enemy character is Placed within Range 2 of its current location (not Vulture’s current location). This can have major effects on the positioning of a key enemy character. The Place effect has no restrictions on it so it can be used to move an enemy away from your characters or it can be used to pull them in close.

If he can generate enough Power, Vulture can live the dream of combining Hit and Run with Skyline Hunter to use the Throw to bring the Size 3 or smaller enemy closer and potentially deal additional damage before using the move action granted by Hit and Run to trigger Abduct. He can then flee (or advance) while Placing the enemy character closer to his allies. This is a very expensive trick as it requires 8 Power to pull off, but he has one more superpower to help with that.

Adrian Toomes is a proud man. He knows he is a skilled engineer and is confident in his intelligence. This is a trait found in the other characters of the Sinister Six, and for Vulture comes in the form of a familiar Innate superpower, Scientific Hubris. This classic superpower allows Vulture to generate one Power whenever one of his dice rolls has a Critical result when the roll is complete. This applies to all of his dice rolls including Interact effects, attacks, and dodges giving him a boost to his Power generation.

That’s all we have for Vulture. Check back later for yet another installment of From Panel to Play, the series where we give you your first look at how your favorite characters transition to the tabletop in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Pre-order your copy of Vulture at your local game store or through the webstore today!

Until next time, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off!