From Panel To Play: Kingpin


CP29 Kingpin

Welcome back for another Atomic Mass Transmission!

This time on From Panel to Play series, we’re looking at how Wilson Fisk, the imposing Kingpin of crime took shape in Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Wilson Fisk rose from a humble beginning to be one of the most feared and influential crime lords in the world. He maintains the appearance of a legitimate businessman, funneling his vast wealth to charities and humanitarian projects, all while orchestrating the movement of an immense criminal empire.

As the Kingpin, Fisk often clashes with the self-appointed protectors of New York City. He battled Spider-Man for a time, but his most frequent foe is Daredevil, the vigilante protector of Hell’s Kitchen. Though he is known to hire mercenaries to squash such street-level threats, Fisk is himself physically powerful to hold his own in a one-on-one fight.

Kingpin is known for his overwhelming physique, and his miniature does not disappoint. Fisk’s heavy stature makes him stand out on the tabletop, towering over all but the largest characters. His classic sense of style is on display as well, from the detailed folds of his double-breasted suit down to the rings on his fingers. His posture is haughty as he adjusts his tie before laying into any street-level hero who might want to stand in his way.

Kingpin’s Short advance and larger size mean he needs to move cautiously to avoid being caught out in the open.

Fortunately, Kingpin has the tools and techniques to hold his own. For instance, his basic Cane Laser (yes, I said “cane laser”) attack has a range of B3, which lets him burn a line through multiple targets from a distance. When he gets up close, he has his choice of smacking down his opponent with a wicked Headbutt attack, or the appropriately named Hail to the King. A Strength 7 physical attack, Hail to the King demonstrates why you should never go toe-to-toe with a man of Fisk’s stature. The attack lets Kingpin toss his target Short range before dealing damage, and inflicts the Stagger special condition afterward.

Rounding out Kingpin’s rules are his powers. He has a new Leadership, Criminal Network, to benefit the Criminal Syndicate affiliation. This ability represents Kingpin’s absolute control of his vast criminal empire, letting members of the affiliation pass around objective tokens like they’re playing a game of hot potato. Criminal Network also lets his team work more efficiently in securing objectives, allowing each Healthy character to count as two for the purpose of securing an objective token.

If that wasn’t enough to draw attention, Kingpin’s skill at Street Level Negotiations will. This Active power lets Kingpin pick up and throw interactive terrain or characters of Size 3 or less Medium range. Is that Daily Bugle kiosk in the way of your next criminal enterprise? No problem. Just throw it out of the way. Is Thanos, the Mad Titan in your path? Throw him too.

With all of these alien beings thrown all over the place, you think Kingpin might be concerned about being caught in a little collateral damage. Fortunately, his Solid Frame innate power protects him against it. Kingpin simply doesn’t suffer damage from collisions with other characters. Even if they’re thrown by the Incredible Hulk, they’ll stop dead as they bounce off the criminal mastermind.

And like a taxi thrown by Wilson Fisk, we are outta here. Check back next time as we take a look at another character for Marvel: Crisis Protocol and their transition from Panel to Play.

See you then!