SWP35 Real Quiet Like Squad Pack

A man once dismissed as an opportunistic scoundrel becomes a hero of the Rebel Alliance! More than just a pilot, Han Solo boldly leads a team of elite Rebel Commandos during dangerous missions, cementing his commitment to the Rebel cause. These troops are highly trained in reconnaissance and unorthodox tactics, making them valuable assets in the fight against the Empire.

Joined by the ferociously loyal Wookiee Chewbacca, who wields a powerful bowcaster and lends his ferocious strength to these dangerous missions, this group of Rebels’ goal is nothing short of restoring freedom to the galaxy…

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These are the Stat and Stance Cards included in the Real Quiet Like Squad Pack!

Stat Cards

Stance Cards

What’s Included

  • 4 Miniatures
  • 4 x 40mm bases
  • 3 Character Stat Card
  • 3 Stance Cards
  • 3 Order Cards
  • 1 Rulesheet

360° View

Assembly Diagram

Find the assembly diagram for the Real Quiet Like Squad Pack here!

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Databank Download: Real Quiet Like

Star Wars: Shatterpoint


This squad pack brings together Han Solo in his role as General Solo of the Rebel Alliance, with the ever-loyal Chewie at his side and accompanied by some stalwart Rebel Commandos.

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Databank Download: Inferno Squad

Star Wars: Shatterpoint


The Inferno Squad is an elite special forces unit serving the Empire, which was created following the destruction of the Death Star at Yavin 4 to prevent any similar catastrophes from ever happening again. Specialized in infiltration, extraction, and engaging in combat in myriad environments, this squad is admired within and feared by enemies of the Empire. They are antithetical to Rebellion forces, adept at engaging in the sorts of unconventional warfare.

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