Databank Download: Real Quiet Like


This squad pack brings together Han Solo in his role as General Solo of the Rebel Alliance, with the ever-loyal Chewie at his side and accompanied by some stalwart Rebel Commandos. This represents Solo and Chewie around the time of the momentous events during the Battle of Endor, after Solo had already proven his worth to the Rebels on Hoth and later having been rescued from his imprisonment by Jabba the Hutt. General Solo’s squad moves fast and quietly and seeks to take out its adversaries before they can summon reinforcements.

This force expands on the Scouts themed releases with key elements from the Rebel Alliance who are quite skilled and comfortable conducting unconventional warfare against superior numbers. Solo’s background as a scoundrel has proven his ability to think quickly and adapt to changing circumstances, seizing the initiative and quite capable of turning events to his advantage.

Relying on luck and skill, Solo’s battlefield presence is amplified with the support of Chewie, a powerhouse of a Wookiee whose loyalty is legendary. Chewie brings his Wookiee bowcaster to bear and also provides no small amount of muscle when enemies get too close. There are few things more intimidating than a riled-up Wookiee. And for their part, the Rebel Commandos are among that tenacious movement’s veterans, having considerable experience making their smaller numbers count while taking advantage of terrain via skirmish tactics.

General Solo is an adaptive primary who can single-handedly change the odds with some quick thinking and quicker blaster fire. His abilities are geared toward turning events back in his favor even when it seems his side may have started to lose some ground. Outnumbered, not Outgunned is a Reactive Ability that lets him perform a bonus attack on a second nearby enemy after his main attack action, giving incentives for him to always try to get in firing range of multiple adversaries. Let’s Keep a Little Optimism Here lets him gain Momentum when he’s behind if an ally is wounded, representing Solo trying to shore up the morale of his beleaguered forces. Hey, it’s Me, Solo’s Identity Ability, keys off wounded enemies and allies in different ways, once per turn each. If an enemy is wounded, this allows Solo to remove a condition and Dash. If any ally is wounded, Solo gains the chance to make a bonus attack on the perpetrator.

General Solo’s Stances reflect his stature as the ultimate Scoundrel. He can choose to focus on being a Gunslinger, at which point he’s doing the talking through his DL-44 Blaster. Or he can instead allow his Smug Scoundrel side to dominate. In both Stances, General Solo is a dangerous combatant. As a Gunslinger his simpler Combat Tree focuses on damage output, and his Attack Expertise Chart is built to accommodate this with extra strikes and crits. When he’s being a Smug Scoundrel his stats and Expertise Charts shift slightly to melee, but the most dramatic difference is in his Combat Tree. This Stance gives lots of choices for inflicting various conditions, but at a notably lower damage output, particularly early in the tree. This Stance has some decent healing and chances to Reposition, meaning it’s great at getting Solo out of a jam.

This incarnation of Chewie is focused on being aggressive and terrifying in battle in the way only a Wookiee can. His abilities are also geared toward protecting General Solo (or another primary if you prefer) if he is nearby. Wookiee Loyalty is a particularly good Tactics Ability, serving to keep Chewie near his primary and keep them safe. This Dash must be toward his primary, but if he ends movement close enough, that character gains a hunker token and both characters can heal. It’s Not Wise to Upset a Wookiee allows Chewie to unleash his rage—doing damage by rolling Strikes and Criticals. Bodyguard provides some Cover for a nearby allied Primary or Secondary as they literally hide behind Chewie. Intimidating Presence gives some free defense expertise to any Rebel Alliance character near Chewie, so long as he’s not wounded.

Not a lot to say about the amusing Disarming Stance. (Named for his ability to literally tear off arms, of course.) Chewie is no slouch with his Bowcaster but as his Expertise Charts and Attack stats demonstrate, it’s in melee where he’s most terrifying. It is difficult to block Chewie’s melee attacks. And, being a Walking Carpet, he can take a lot of punishment. The Combat Tree may not offer as much damage as you might expect, but offers some very solid options as he disrupts his adversary by Shoving, Exposing, Straining, or Disarming them. And if he rolls well he’s likely to get a nice bump of healing as well, making him extra tanky. It’s worth noting he can also heal on his Defense Expertise Chart.

The Rebel Commandos are a solid supporting unit of stalwart soldiers, very well suited for their role as Scouts. They gain a Hunker token at the end of Setup thanks to Camouflage, can also use their Commando Doctrines Active Ability to Dash forward, and if they get close enough to an enemy they gain a Hunker token and can take a focus action to augment their attack. They provide Coordinated Fire, potentially adding a bit of automatic damage to the target of an attack from a Rebel Alliance ally if they are close enough to lend some firepower.

As might be expected of Commando Training, this unit’s Stance provides solid ranged and melee stats and Expertise Charts. Though they are arguably at their best when firing at range with their A-280 Blaster Rifles, Rebel Commandos do not shy from engaging with their combat knives when needed. The Camo worn by these commandos is not necessarily the best armor, as their Defense Expertise Chart suggests, but might enable them to Reposition if they get lucky.

The Real Quiet Like squad led by General Solo offers some excellent covert strike potential and its individual elements can work nicely as potential change-ups for other similarly aligned Scouts, such as the Ewok Trappers or Paploo. Worth noting the second time the Death Star went down, credit could be given to the Real Quiet Like group and their allies, which is no small accomplishment. (Best not to mention this fact to the Empire’s Inferno Squad, as they’re very touchy about this kind of thing.)

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