The Asset Organized Play Kit Preview


The Asset

A crack team of special operatives and commandos has infiltrated an enemy base on a secret mission to secure The Asset. But their enemies won’t let them slip away with this prize without a fight. Soon, you can jump into this thrilling unique Star Wars: Legion scenario with The Asset Organized Play Kit!

As the title suggests, this scenario focuses on control of The Asset. On one side is the Defender, whose team has fought their way through guards, security checkpoints, and other defenses and are now in possession of their prize. But, with alarms blaring, the Attacker is bearing down on their position. It’s up to the Defender to hold out long enough for extraction to arrive.

With an army that cannot exceed 800 points, the attacker has an immediate advantage over the defender, whose army cannot exceed 600 points, especially considering this scenario takes place on a 3’x3’ play area. But the defender has an advantage of their own. If one of their unit leaders is in base contact with one of four unclaimed objective tokens scattered across the battlefield, they can scrounge for supplies and draw a card from the equipment deck. These could provide valuable supplies such as a Medkit or a Heavy Repeating Blaster they can use to fortify their position.

The Asset Organized Play Kit is intended as a one-day casual play event at local game stores and is not for resale. Participants will receive all the materials needed to play the scenario, including the scenario cards, a set of equipment cards, and a sheet of punchboard. Additionally, all participants will receive a full-art Din Djarin promo unit card.

The Asset Organized Play Kit will be available to stores through their distributors in June. Tell your local game store that you’d like to participate so they can hold an event!