Team Tactics Talk: Cable & Domino


CP47 Cable & Domino

Cable and Domino bring all-new tactics to the battlefields of Marvel: Crisis Protocol with four Team Tactics cards. The tactics in this character expansion pack emphasize the X-Force as a fast and flexible team, able to respond to a crisis and opposing force with swift action.

The first tactic in the set, Cat and Mouse, demonstrates the unpredictability of fighting against the X-Force. They are a small and elite team strengthened by the combat experience of members like Deadpool and Cable, as well as the cunning and unpredictability of Domino and, well, Deadpool. This tactic allows you to choose one member of the X-Force after all the characters have been deployed and reposition the chosen character anywhere within Range 2 of its current position before the start of the game.

This tactic has numerous uses to give you an advantage before the first turn of the game. You can use it in a straightforward way, as a kind of advance-deployment to bring you closer to a valuable objective, but you can also use it to psych out your opponent, offering them a matchup that favors one of their characters before pulling your character back to a better position. It also lets you be reactive, bolstering your position after seeing who your opponent places where and countering with a strong character of your own.

The next tactic, Dirty Work, is another one for the X-Force affiliation and shows how the members of this particular team are willing to get their hands dirty in order to overcome a crisis and defeat their opponents—particularly opponents who represent the greatest threat. Any member of the X-Force can pay 3 Power to play this card and mark the enemy character with the highest Threat. If the team can daze or KO the marked target before the end of the round, every member of the X-Force gains 2 Power as a reward.

Dirty Work is a useful tactic as a Power booster. Since the number of attack dice usually outweighs a character’s potential defense dice, focusing fire on a single target is often going to take that target out. When combined with Power generating attacks, your whole crisis team can comfortably build up the resources you need for a massive follow-up round.

The third tactic in the Cable & Domino Character Pack, Warpath, is an Unaffiliated tactic that perfectly suits characters like Cable, who shrugs off enemy attacks on his unstoppable advance. When a character suffers damage from an enemy attack, it can pay 1 Power to play this tactic and make a Short advance toward the attacking character.

Warpath is a solid reactive tactic. With it, you can pull a character in close for a counterattack, close the distance on an enemy who is foolish enough to damage you. Even better, since the tactic is Unaffiliated you can pair it with characters who can shrug off a bit of damage like Wolverine or Sabretooth, whose Healing Factor can put their health back into a safe position as they come within striking range.

That’s it for our look at the tactics in the Cable and Domino character expansion pack. Remember that you can preorder the expansion at your local gaming store, or through our webstore.

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