Star Wars: Legion Rules Update Preview – Suppression


Welcome back to our third transmission previewing what Star Wars™: Legion players can expect from the upcoming Star Wars: Legion Core Rulebook, arriving in just a few short weeks on January 16, 2023. We’ve already outlined updates to line of sight in our introductory article which also details the background on this exciting project and the second article in our series gives details on the addition of a new Pass mechanic to the game . Today, let’s dive into a new subject: some tweaks and updates to suppression.

While working on the Core Rulebook and other future developments for Star Wars: Legion, we realized that the suppression and panic mechanics were not delivering the desired impact on the game, especially when it came to objective play and Legion’s scenario scoring conditions. In too many situations, the player’s only option for denying or securing victory points was to outright eliminate the entire enemy unit, because suppression and panic did not affect the unit’s ability to score. Additionally, the intended functionality of panic was at odds with the written rule’s language, leading to ambiguity and problematic interactions.

Panic has now been reworked to increase its importance in scenario play and give players additional options for counterplay beyond simply trying to eliminate all miniatures in a unit. When a unit panics it no longer flees from the battlefield. This removes a large amount of ambiguity and deeper rules issues with regards to precisely how players resolve a panicking units’ movement. Now, when a unit panics, it simply cannot perform actions or free actions. Additionally, a panicking unit drops any objective tokens they may be carrying. Then, at the end of their activation, they remove a number of suppression tokens equal to their courage value. Most importantly for many scenarios, units that are panicked cannot be used to satisfy the victory conditions on objective cards. So that lone remaining trooper that’s dug in behind heavy cover with a pile of dodge tokens can now be eliminated from the scenario by the proper application of suppression and panic.

That wraps up today’s article. So be sure to stock up on those Suppressive weapons and watch out for our last article which will detail everything you need to know on some updates