STAR WARS™: Legion Roadmap & Updates


Star Wars: Legion Roadmap & Updates Recap

Find out what’s next for Star Wars: Legion, featuring Simone Elliott, Will Pagani, Andrew Dursum, and Marco Sergovia.

Updates, Cards & Art Reveals:

  • Geonosian Warriors are on the way! Spoiled cards for Force Pike Warrior, Geonosian Warrior, and Sonic Cannon Warrior.
  • Sun Fac and Poggle the Lesser miniatures and cards revealed.
  • Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister Cards Revealed

New Product Reveals:

  • Clone Commandos Confirmed – DELTA SQUAD is on the way!
  • Range Troopers

The Far Future New Sculpt Reveals:

  • LM-432 Crab Droid
  • Rebel Saboteurs

Hard Plastic Re-Sculpting Future:

  • A major Legion project is we are working to resculpt all old soft plastic releases to hard plastic.
  • Re-sculpts are scheduled to begin dropping in stores in 2025.
  • Rebel Commandos, Stormtroopers, Luke, Leia, and Vader re-sculpts were shown.

Special Operations Announcement

Watch the full panel here!

New Battleforces:

Watch the full panel here!