Scene to Stats: The Shadow Collective Battle Force


SWL90 The Shadow Collective Battle Force


“Your people are strong and powerful, but you’ll need an army to free Mandalore.” –Maul, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Join us in this installment of From Scene to Stat as we take a look at how to build your Shadow Collective army in Star Wars™: Legion!

The Shadow Collective is unique from Legion’s four main factions in that it is several smaller factions in one! The Black Sun, Maul Loyalists, Pyke Syndicate, and Raiders are the major affiliations that make up the Shadow Collective. Each part of the Shadow Collective has their own identity and playstyle, and it is up to players to decide whether to focus on one in particular or include them all!

Like all battle forces, the Shadow Collective has a slightly different set of rank requirements. However, the Shadow Collective is unique in that mercenary units DO count towards minimum rank requirements–which is good, since the Shadow Collective is full of them! A Shadow Collective battle force must include at least 1 commander and at least 2 corps units. Because the Shadow Collective is made up of tough and well-trained mercenaries like Mandalorians Super Commandos, the maximum number of special forces units allowed is higher than normal at 4. And no force would be complete without several members of the most infamous rogue’s gallery in the galaxy, several of which need no introduction. To reflect this, players may field a maximum of 4 commanders or operatives in their Shadow Collective army.

The Black Sun are tough, short-ranged fighters who excel at stopping their opposition with volleys of Precise blaster fire. Failing that, their scatter guns and explosives make short work of anyone who dares to defy their enforcers. The Pyke Syndicate prefer fighting from afar, using their agility to dodge even the heaviest of attacks. Should they be unable to Outmaneuver their foes, their acute Danger Sense will keep them safe. Ultimately however, the Black Sun and Pykes are in it for the money, valuing their own Self Preservation over their objectives. When these two corps units aren’t enough, it’s time to send in the Mandalorians. These highly trained Super Commandos are ready to Jump into the fray and Defend Maul’s Shadow Collective. Their Beskar armor makes them all but Impervious to enemy attacks, and their host of advanced weaponry provides them with the tools to take on any foe. If your Mandalorian special forces need some support, the Raiders provide vehicular Reinforcements to the Shadow Collective with their gangs of Swoop Bike Riders and A-A5 Speeder Trucks. While they pale in comparison to the heavy armor of more formal militaries, the Shadow Collective’s vehicles are still quite effective and can perform the role of Field Commander if necessary.

Not to be left out, there are several choices for Shadow Collective commanders. The Black Sun Vigo and Pyke Syndicate Capo are ready to Aid their respective organizations and ensure their troops stay in line. Gar Saxon supports other Mandalorian Super Commandos and can Compel Shadow Collective troops should they falter. If a rapid strike force is what you desire, then a Raiding Party Leader can lead your troops into battle for a vehicular assault. Sometimes however, the best way to get something done is to do it yourself- and commanding the Shadow Collective is no exception. Should the need arise, Maul himself can take to the field, forging mere Allies of Convenience into an effective fighting force. With the Darksaber and Juyo Mastery, Maul is more than capable of eliminating whatever stands between him and the throne.

How will you build your Shadow Collective? Will you focus on one affiliation, or will you decide to include them all? Look for an updated Star Wars: Legion Rules Reference and rules for mercenary units on June 14 and join us June 16 on as we play a game with the Shadow Collective Battle Force on Atomic Mass Transmissions Live!

Until next time, Atomic Mass transmissions, signing off!