Scene to Stats: Clone Commander Cody


SWL107Clone Commander Cody

“Sometimes in war, it’s hard to be the one that survives.” –Clone Commander Cody™, Star Wars: The Clone Wars™

Second in command of the 212th Attack Battalion, CT-2224 “Cody” served as one of the many clone soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. He fought in many famous conflicts, earning a reputation as a trustworthy and loyal warrior. A capable fighter and tactician, Cody successfully commanded ground forces in pitched battles and led critical infiltration missions. In this installment of Scene to Stats, we’re taking a look at Commander Cody for Star Wars™: Legion.

Cody can be used as a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic. He comes in at 105 points, with a respectable number of abilities and options. Cody is a capable melee fighter, reflected in his Advanced Combat Training. When attacking at range, his DC-15A Blaster Rifle gives him a respectable 2 red, 1 black, and 1 white attack dice, along with Impact 1 and Lethal 1. Able to command a battle at its most pivotal point, Observe 2, Take Cover 1, and Direct: Vehicle are all abilities that reflect his prowess as the commanding officer of the 7th Sky Corps. Finally, his combat experience and equipment give him access to Target 1 and Surge: Critical, Jump 1, and Red defense dice.

Fighting in some of the Clone Wars’ largest battles honed CT-2224 into one of the most effective GAR commanders of the war. His command cards reflect this experience, and Cody brings three new options to your army. Bring it Down! allows Cody to perform his free actionslike Observe 2- up to two times. Then, when a friendly unit attacks an enemy with an observation token, that token can be spent to give the attack Suppressive if the enemy is a trooper unit, or Impact 1 if it’s a Vehicle unit, making this the perfect command card for removing pesky AATs or large formations of B1s. Known for his loyalty, Have I Ever Let You Down? gives Cody the ability to make an attack against any enemy that attacks a unit issued an order with this card. Combined Arms orders 2 troopers and 2 vehicles, and once again allows Clone Commander Cody to perform his free actions twice. Additionally, Vehicles may spend Observation tokens to give a nearby Clone Trooper a free speed-1 move—advancing your troops while providing them vital covering fire!

Clone Commander Cody also comes with two new upgrade cards that can bolster the power of your Clone Trooper corps units. Members of the famed “Ghost Company,” Waxer and Boil are two new personnel upgrades with their own abilities and keywords. Both Waxer and Boil will serve as the Leader of the unit they are equipped to, and give that unit Scout 1. Waxer also gives the unit Disciplined 1, whereas Boil provides Guardian 1 instead. This dynamic duo is sure to give your troopers an edge on the battlefield as they support the endeavors of their beloved Commander Cody. That’s all for our first look at Clone Commander Cody. Be sure to check back for yet another installment of Scene to Stats, the series where we give you your first look at how your favorite characters transition to the tabletop in Star Wars: Legion. Pre-order your own copy of the Clone Commander Cody Commander Expansion at your local game store or through the webstore today.

Until then, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off!