Scene to Stats: Bad Batch


In today’s Scene to Stats, we are showing off one of the most unconventional units ever made for Star Wars™: Legion, the Bad Batch!

The Bad Batch are an elite and aggressive squad of commandos with the tools to push up the table and blast the enemy at short range. Their individuality, though, is what really sets them apart as a unit. We’re Not Regs represents Clone Force 99’s penchant for working outside of the box, and they don’t benefit from the exceptional capacity for teamwork of their clone brothers. Instead, the Bad Batch excel at independent action, and it’s in that context where each member is free to bring their unique strengths to bear.

Hunter, the leader of the unit, is at his best when he can use his enhanced senses to sneak up on the enemy and ambush them in close quarters. Wrecker’s enormous size and enhanced strength give him impressive offensive potential and the resilience to protect the rest of his unit. Tech can come up with a plan with multiple contingencies even in the thick of the action using his enhanced intelligence. Crosshair’s exceptional marksmanship and long-range blaster allow him to handle distant threats before they have a chance to threaten his squad. While the rest of the Bad Batch are bound together due to the shared experience of their genetic enhancements, Echo’s bond with his unit was forged when they helped rescue him from captivity. Echo’s cybernetic enhancements and his commitment to supporting his clone brothers drives his ability to be where he’s needed when he’s needed.

With Omega’s entrance to the unit and Crosshair’s departure, the Bad Batch gain a new focus. Omega’s entrance into the squad marks the start of the Bad Batch’s practice of choosing their own missions and fuels their drive to complete them. The I’m Part of the Squad Too keyword on Omega gives the unit a unique capability to interact with the mission.

On the table, the Bad Batch gives a player a ton of options due to their self-sufficiency and flexible abilities. The combination of Tactical, Steady, and a courage value of 3 often means they get to make 2 move actions on their activation while simultaneously generating the aim and surge tokens they need to make effective attacks. Steady gives them the option to move out from behind cover with their first action, shoot, then move back behind cover with their second action; an excellent option when their opponent is in a position to threaten them. They also have the aggressive option of moving twice before making their attack, generating an additional aim token from Tech’s Tactical keyword before attacking and increasing their threat range.

As an elite unit with impressive attacks that doesn’t need the support of another unit going before them to have a very strong activation, the Bad Batch are an excellent unit to order and activate as early as possible.

We Do What We Do takes the Bad Batch’s strengths and pushes them to the extreme. Having the ability to order them to activate first even when they are far away from your commanders is also very useful given how much the Bad Batch move.

The Bad Batch are exceptionally strong at splitting their attacks into multiple targets with Sharpshooter 1 and access to aim tokens to reroll the attack pool that needs it. Hunter’s free card action can follow up on any target that proves to be unexpectedly tough. The ability to handle multiple problems in one activation is critical for a unit that will often be outnumbered.

The Bad Batch need to play smart to survive. Saving some of the surge tokens Echo provides for defense is usually a good idea. The unit can use their good mobility to get into positions where they will be able to contribute without getting targeted by too many enemy units. With every member of the Bad Batch providing different advantages, deciding which member is going to gain wounds is always hard. Getting
tied up in melee is also something they need to avoid since it shuts off the advantage they get from their mobility.

The Bad Batch pair well with other fast units to make an army that can outmaneuver their opponents. Tauntaun riders (available in SWL40) can use their mobility to engage the melee units that threaten the Bad Batch, and they can use their speed with Relentless and Reposition to skirmish alongside them.

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s (available in SWL44) ability to protect The Bad Batch with Guardian allows the Bad Batch to function at full capacity for longer. His ability to handle any melee threats that come their way makes him a great companion for the Bad Batch. Ahsoka Tano (available in SWL106) can perform a similar role if she brings her command card Fierce Protector. This combination allows the Bad Batch to play in the center of a force without as much risk of losing members of the unit.

The Bad Batch also provide a great independent element in an army that otherwise works best grouped up like one with lots of Republic corps units. The Bad Batch’s ability to take care of themselves gives a great option to play spread-out missions without being as vulnerable.

With such a flexible and unique centerpiece unit, players have a ton of room to express themselves. We’re excited to see what everyone does with the Bad Batch!

Be sure to check back for yet another installment of Scene to Stats, the series where we give you your first look at how your favorite characters transition to the tabletop in Star Wars: Legion. Pre-order your own copy of the Bad Batch at your local game store or through our webstore today.

Until then, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off.