Scene to Stats: Fifth Brother & Seventh Sister


The Imperial Inquisition was a cruel and callous organization that hunted down Force-sensitive and political targets for the Empire. Two notorious members of this cadre were Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister. Together, they formed a deadly duo that pursued the remnants of the Jedi order across the galaxy. Join us in this installment of From Scene to Stats, where we examine Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister for Star Wars™: Legion.



Fresh off the trail of hunting rogue Jedi, Fifth Brother is ready to serve the Empire. A highly trained Imperial Operative, Fifth Brother can be equipped with two Training upgrades and a single Force upgrade. Not one to be deterred, he also has Immune: Pierce, Dauntless, and Block to ensure he will always reach his target. As he takes damage, Enrage 2 changes his courage to “-” and gives Fifth Brother Charge. This allows him to devastate enemies with his spinning lightsaber, and utilize Ram 2 as he crashes into melee. Fifth Brother is not shadowing his prey alone—read on to learn about his well known sparring partner!



Compelled to inflict pain, Seventh Sister arrives to continue her work for the Grand Inquisitor. Often seen working with other Inquisitors, she has Associate: Fifth Brother, which means that Seventh Sister does not count against your Operative limit when building an army that includes Fifth Brother. Similarly skilled as her peers, Seventh Sister is ready to enter the fray with Block, Charge, Disciplined 1, and Immune: Pierce. She can also use Jump 1 to navigate adverse terrain and Interrogate her quarry. While she is at range 1 of an enemy unit, their command cards are treated as having one more pip. This powerful ability will give you the edge you need in your games of Star Wars: Legion.



To dispense the Emperor’s justice, Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister are equipped with five new command cards. “You Would Question Me?” reflects their constant infighting, giving out tokens when their counterpart gains one as well! Additionally, they can force the other to gain an immobilize token to gain an additional aim or dodge token. Often tasked with corralling supporting Imperial elements, “I Care Not For Your Struggles” allows Fifth Brother to issue orders at range 1-5, and give units ordered by the card Dauntless.

On the other hand, Seventh Sister is unilaterally focused on hunting down her enemies with cards like “You Hide Your Fear Well.” This gives her Demoralize 1, and when enemy units at range 1 of Seventh Sister are suppressed, they re-roll one fewer die when spending Aim tokens. When she finally catches an Operative or Commander unit, “Unexpected, But Not Unwelcome” allows her to gain up to two suppression tokens to gain an equal number of aim tokens, but only if her target’s order token is facedown. Additionally, units ordered by the card Recover. The last of Seventh Sister’s cards, “Come and Prove It,” gives Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister Indomitable and they roll one extra defense die when defending. When Seventh Sister is declared the target of an attack and has a faceup order token, she gains a dodge token.

Finally, Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister can equip a brand new training upgrade: Inquisitorius Training. This upgrade gives Demoralize 1, as these feared operatives sow terror wherever they go. Additionally, when a unit at range 1 of the Inquisitor exhausts a Force upgrade, you may roll a red defense dice. On a Block or Surge result, the effect of that upgrade is canceled. The upgrade is exhausted as it was used but does not affect its intended target. This allows Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister to hunt down Jedi with ruthless efficiency, and make them truly terrifying units on the battlefield.



That’s all for our first look at Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister. Be sure to check back for yet another installment of Scene to Stats, the series where we give you your first look at how your favorite characters transition to the tabletop in Star Wars: Legion. Pre-order your own copy of the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister Operative Expansion at your local game store or through our webstore today.

Until then, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off.