From Panel to Play: Shocker


Today’s From Panel to Play is shaking off the foundations from the concentrated blasts of air fired by the failed petty crook turned self taught engineer turned supervillain named Shocker! Take cover and hang on until Spider-Man arrives to take him back to jail!

Herman Schultz was a poor orphan who became a criminal to make ends meet. Unfortunately, for him, he was never good at it and often got caught. However, it was during one stay in prison that he was sent to the workshop and managed to use the resources within to create his signature weapons–the vibro-shock gauntlets. He escaped prison with these homemade weapons and soon encountered Spider-Man while breaking into a safe for some much needed cash. This battle ended in a win for Shocker who escaped with the loot.

Shocker isn’t one of the more famous or effective villains out there but he has his moments of greatness. He is a 3 Threat Value character and has a mediocre stat line with 5 Stamina on both sides of his card with a Medium speed. His Energy and Mystic defenses are both 3 while his quilt-like suit gives him a little extra Physical defense.

Shocker’s gauntlets send a concentrated blast of air vibrating at a high frequency in a direction of his choosing. Using these gauntlets Shocker opens safes quickly and quietly by shaking them open and defends himself with vibrating air punches. His first attack, Vibro-Shock Strike, is a Range 3 attack with 5 dice that generates Power equal to the damage dealt. There is also a chance that the intense vibrations from this attack will leave the target with the Stun special condition and a headache.

When he really needs to make a statement, Shocker can keep the gauntlets going for a long time and cause structures to collapse as they resonate with the gauntlets! Shake ‘Em Down is Shocker’s second attack. Shocker lets loose with a sustained vibrating air blast and makes things crumble. This attack costs him 4 Power but has 7 dice and can Stagger the target with a Wild result in the dice roll.

Shocker isn’t the most resilient of characters, but he can channel the power of his gauntlets to create a Vibrational Shield around himself that can blunt the attacks of his enemies. This Reactive superpower costs 2 Power and lets him add 2 dice to his defense rolls against Physical and Energy attacks. This can give him a little extra staying power in the face of enemies more capable than him.

His second superpower is the Innate superpower If the Ground is Rocking… which keeps enemies off balance reducing the effectiveness of their attacks. Nearby enemies reduce the number of dice they roll on attacks by one. This superpower affects all attacks made near him which can give a little boost in his and his allies survivability.
Herman is not immune to the effects of his gauntlets, however, which is why he wears a suit that resembles a thick quilt. This suit insulates him from the vibrations generated by the gauntlets, making him immune to the Stun special condition with the Innate superpower Immunity (Stun).

If you want to shake things up, head to the webstore to preorder Shocker. Also, be sure to check back later for yet another installment of From Panel to Play, the series where we give you your first look at how your favorite characters transition to the tabletop in Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Until next time, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off!