Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Challenger Events


Challenger Events

Hello and welcome to another installment of Atomic Mass Transmissions! Today we’re going to talk a bit about the freshly released card pack and some updates to Organized Play! With the new card pack releasing some of you may be wondering “Why did all these Team Tactic Cards get reprinted?” and “Why ARE there little symbols down there in the bottom right-hand corner?” Well, today we will answer all of these questions!

Those symbols in the bottom corner are Set Symbols – they denote which set a card is from. Generally, the developers work on “sets” of characters and cards together, shown by these Set Symbols. As the game has grown and expanded, we have continued to make new sets – new symbols – on Team Tactic Cards and Crisis Cards. This is all very important for the next bit of this: Organized Play. Below there is a link to a new form of Organized Play called Challenger Events! The Challenger is an Elder of the Marvel universe, dedicated to playing games and challenging others to prove their worth. These events are a way for players to duke it out on the battlefield and prove their skills to the Challenger.

Challenger Events are the return of the Timeline system that was originally discussed in Organized Play kits way back at the launch of the game, but never previously utilized. Timelines are used in Organized Play events to limit those events to specific sets that curate different experiences for players. Challenger Events are launching with two different Timelines to choose from – Standard and Extended. Standard Timeline events allow all characters and Crisis Cards, but only Team Tactic Cards and Infinity Gems that have the set symbols seen here.

The Standard Timeline is curated for the best possible player experience – removing problematic cards and restricting powerful options to bring balance to the game. The Extended Timeline uses all the Characters, Crisis, and Team Tactic Cards that have ever been made for Crisis Protocol. This Timeline is totally unrestricted, allowing players to truly test the limits of their Roster-building mayhem! Each of these timelines has its own Banned and Restricted List which can be found alongside the new Challenger Event rules on the Organized Play page of our website

Have a Team Tactic Card that was reprinted with the new set symbol, but you really love the art of the old printing? No worries, that’s totally fine! Use whatever version of the card you like as long as it has been printed with the allowed set symbol in some form!

We are very excited about the opportunities that Timelines provide us for Crisis Protocol – not only does it give us another way to curate the game experience and maintain player enjoyment, it also affords us the opportunity to create thematic timelines that event organizers can choose to use: Perhaps only Web Warriors, Spider-Foes, and Criminal Syndicate characters along with their Team Tactic Cards. Perhaps the Guardians of the Galaxy and other cosmic threats are allowed! Just like the Marvel Multiverse, the possibilities are endless!