From Panel to Play: Silver Sable


Organizations across the world are always hiring mercenaries to get the job done, but few employ such talented individuals as Silvija Sablinova. Walk softly but carry a big gun with the subject of today’s From Panel to Play: Silver Sable!

Hailing from the small nation of Symkaria, Silvija was trained from a young age to be a mercenary. Quickly taking to her father’s lessons, she took the moniker of Silver Sable and founded Silver Sable International. Initially intended to bring war criminals to justice, her outfit would start to accept more lucrative missions for higher profits as they gained more and more international fame. This would put her into direct contact with infamous and famous individuals, such as Spider-Man, Captain America, and Red Skull. Always in complete control of the mission, her leadership, advanced technology, and considerable martial skills ensure that Silver Sable International always gets the job done.

Setting her sights on the latest payout, Silver Sable enters the fray as a 4 Threat character. Not possessing any superhuman abilities, her superior athleticism and well-trained mind give her numerous advantages on the battlefield. Silver Sable has 11 Stamina spread between her Healthy and Injured sides, as well as 3 Physical, 3 Energy and 3 Mystic defense. Additionally, she is a size 2 character with a Medium move speed, allowing her to maneuver into the perfect spot to line up the next shot. Let’s see how her attacks and superpowers help Sylvia get the upper hand in your games of Marvel: Crisis Protocol!

While she’s comfortable bringing in her prey for close-quarters combat, Silver Sable is well known for her honed skills as a sniper. Her character card is therefore loaded with opportunities to pick off her quarry and collect that paycheck. Silver Sable’s first attack is Tactical Takedown, a Strength 5, Range 5 that gains her 1 Power. A critical in the attack roll will trigger Tranquilized, giving the target character the Root special condition. Additionally, on a roll of a Crit and a Wild, she will Push the target Towards her Short, as she brings her target in for capture. If Silver Sable needs to bring a particularly tough target down, she can instead utilize her second attack: Headshot. Another long-range attack, this attack is a Strength 6 physical attack that will cost her 3 Power. If the target character is not within Range 3 and does not have Cover, this attack increases the amount of damage dealt by 2. Finally, a critical in the attack roll will give the target character the Stun special condition, helping to lock down a key opponent’s power generation.

Proficient in leading teams of trained mercenaries, Silver Sable has several superpowers that help her direct the battle in its key moments. The first of these is Shot Caller. For 3 Power, you can choose another allied character within Range 4 and Advance it Short. That chosen character will then gain 1 Power. This helps you get key members of her team in the best position to continue the assault or extract an important objective. The next power reflects her mercenary upbringing, aptly named Want My Help? Pay Up. When an allied character within Range 4 of this character makes an attack, Silver Sable may use this superpower. The allied character loses 2 Power but gains 1 die in that attack roll. Additionally, Silver Sable will gain 1 Power. While her assistance comes at a cost, it is certainly worth the price! On her injured side, Silver Sable loses this superpower in favor of Protect the Asset! When an enemy within Range 4 of Silver Sable targets an ally with an attack, she may use this superpower to make a Tactical Takedown attack targeting that enemy character. This ensures that even as the conflict reaches its most difficult stage, Silver Sable can always be counted on to provide covering fire.

Two Innate superpowers give Silvija excellent advantages. The first of these is a new superpower: Sniper Nest. Always seeking the best angle, Silver Sable adds two dice to her defense roll while she is overlapping a Size 3 or greater terrain feature and is targeted by a physical or energy attack. To help her reach this perfect cover, her final superpower, Wall Crawler, ensures she will have no difficulty climbing even the most precarious of perches.

Silver Sable brings several new and exciting tactics cards to enhance your rosters. Naturally, the first of these is based on her own company: Sable International. This card costs a hefty 4 Power, but the rewards are extremely high, as she earns 1 Victory Point for each enemy she Dazes or KO’s. Thanks to this versatile card, Silver Sable becomes a reliable member of any roster—even one she isn’t affiliated with. Able to position herself in choice locations, this next tactics card plays extremely well with Silver Sable’s ability to watch over her allies. During the Power Phase, an allied Defenders character may spend 4 Power to play this card. After an attack against that character is resolved, another allied character may make an attack targeting the attacking character. This means that front-line brawlers like Daredevil and Iron Fist will always have her eagle eye to bail them out in a pinch. And while comfortably plinking away at ranged foes, this final tactics card fits right in with any roster of street-level heroes. During the Power Phase, any number of allied Defenders characters may pay 1 Power to play Street Smarts. If they do, while a character that played this card is holding or contesting an objective token and is pushed, advanced, or thrown, it may take 1 damage to stay right where it is. Stay on a key objective with this Team Tactics Card, and earn that payday for Sable International!

When you’re ready to sign that next contract, be sure to pre-order your copy of the Shang-Chi and Silver Sable Character Pack at your local game store or through the webstore today. Be sure to check back later for yet another installment of From Panel to Play, the series where we give you your first look at how your favorite characters transition to the tabletop in Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Until next time, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off!