Legion World Open QUALIFIERs Prizes

The road to the Star Wars™: Legion World Championships is set to begin on May 4 and a new competitive season means new prizes at World Open Qualifiers. Join us today as we take a closer look at what you could bring home when participating in one of these events!

From the four main factions to mercenaries, iconic characters are on full display in this season’s World Open Qualifiers prize pool. Players who finish in the Top 8 of their faction will have access to beautiful full art versions of Unit cards for Leia Organa, Emperor Palpatine, Count Dooku, Maul, and Anakin Skywalker. At the same time, all participants will receive an alternate art version of the Standing Orders command card.

A variety of units featuring Ewoks are set to join Star Wars: Legion this summer, and players at World Open Qualifiers will find a variety of oversized cards featuring Ewoks up for grabs as prizes. These include an full art Ewok Skirmishers Unit Card that will be awarded to the Top 32 players. Meanwhile, in addition to having their World Championship accommodations covered, World Open Qualifier Champions will receive an alternate art Wicket Unit Card. Finally, the Top 4 in Star Wars: Legion painting competitions will receive a C-3PO Unit Card featuring stunning full art.

Ewoks aren’t the only prizes for top players, though. Those who progress to the Top 16 will be awarded with 9 beautiful attack dice (not pictured) while the entire Top 4 will earn invitations to the 2024 World Championships at Adepticon 2024. Meanwhile, the Top 2 players at the event will each receive two punch sheets of alternate art suppression tokens to mark their achievement.

Good luck to all players at 2023 World Open Qualifiers!