First look: Paploo’s Wild Ride Organized Play Kit


SWK08Paploo’s Wild Ride OP Kit

Even the smallest beings can change the course of a battle. That’s exactly what happened when the Ewok Paploo stole an Imperial speeder bike in the lead-up to the Battle of Endor. His grand theft speeder bike gambit succeeded in drawing the Imperial guards away from the Death Star’s shield bunker, giving the Rebel strike team the opening it needed to launch its sabotage mission. Soon, you’ll be able to wade into the chaos unleashed by Paploo in the Paploo’s Wild Ride Organized Play Kit for Star Wars™: Legion!

In this scenario, a Paploo token begins the game in the center of the battlefield facing a table edge that does not belong to either player. As players battle according to the objective card chosen for the game, they’ll also be faced with Paploo piloting his stolen speeder bike around the battlefield. The speeder bike controls weren’t engineered with Ewoks in mind, however, so his path can be a bit erratic.

At the beginning of each round, each player rolls a black attack die and a red defense die and then players take turns resolving each of their dice one at a time to determine how Paploo acts that round. Dice results can be used to affect the direction Paploo drives or even if he accidentally depresses the trigger on the speeder bike’s blaster cannon and fires at a unit at range 1!

Whether they want to detain him for questioning or are simply worried about his well-being, both players are interested in bringing Paploo’s Wild Ride to a premature end. A trooper unit whose leader is in base contact with the Paploo token can perform an action to attempt to stop Paploo and claim his token, which is worth 2 victory tokens to the player who controls it at the end of the game.

The Paploo’s Wild Ride Organized Play Kit is intended as a one-day casual play event at local game stores and is not for resale. Participants will receive all the materials needed to play the scenario, including the scenario cards and a punch sheet containing the Paploo token and other tokens needed to play, allowing them to replay the scenario with friends after the event. Additionally, all participants will receive a set of promo full-art command cards featuring Ewoks.

The Paploo’s Wild Ride Organized Play Kit will be available to stores through their distributors later this summer. Tell your local game store you’d like to participate so they can hold an event!