Databank Download: Queen Padmé Amidala Preview


SWP15Queen Padmé Amidala

Today’s Star Wars™: Shatterpoint preview allows us to take a look at one of the most fascinating leaders of the Galactic Republic, a woman who found herself at the center of events that would transform the Galaxy: none other than Queen Padmé Amidala!

Those who know the queen solely for her political gravitas, which was considerable, might make the mistake of thinking her a noncombatant. But in addition to being a superlative leader and public servant for the world of Naboo, Padmé was very actively involved in battles to protect her world when the Trade Federation invaded. She would later be involved in numerous covert operations throughout the Clone Wars. And though she prefers peaceful solutions, she is always willing to take up arms when necessary to protect those she serves. It was her bravery as much as her intelligence which inspired the young Jedi, Anakin Skywalker, to fall in love with her and eventually to marry her in secret.

Despite her youth, Queen Amidala has proven she has the power of presence to enforce Royal Command, inspiring loyalty and coordinating the advance of forces under her leadership. There is a distinct and satisfying playstyle found in deploying Queen Amidala alongside her Royal Bodyguard Sabé and her Handmaidens. They move smoothly into position, focusing on safeguarding their queen, then engage in battle with natural synchronicity, employing a variety of coordinated actions to support one another.

Accordingly, Queen Amidala has her own distinct Coordinated Fire, able to inflict automatic damage on a nearby adversary as a Reactive ability whenever one of her Handmaidens attacks such a foe. And she is indisputably a Crack Shot with her concealable blaster pistol, making highly accurate attacks when using a focus action (thanks to Sharpshooter 2), and also gaining a Dash to better get into position prior to firing. But her strength as a strongly supportive leader is best demonstrated by her being a Servant of the People. This Identity ability offers different benefits depending on Padmé’s Active Stance, either facilitating the seizure of Active objectives by allies even when they are wounded (under Faith in Diplomacy) or augmenting their attacks (when engaging in Aggressive Negotiations).

Both of Queen Padmé Amidala’s Stances are variants of blaster diplomacy, as she is always willing to back up a persuasive argument with carefully placed shots. She is no slouch in melee but prefers to attack at range when possible. The difference between her stances is subtle but each offers distinct benefits, particularly when paired with Servant of the People.

As the name suggests, Aggressive Negotiations is the more offensive Stance, giving slightly higher ranged attack dice, a Ranged Expertise Chart with critical strikes, and a Combat Tree with higher damage potential. It’s hard to go wrong with this Stance, which is likely the mainstay when combat heats up. Its Combat Tree allows her to trade some damage output to Expose the foe and possibly Heal and Reposition, or to focus on inflicting harm and gaining up to two Shoves.

Faith in Diplomacy is only slightly less aggressive, giving up critical strikes in the Ranged

Expertise Chart but still having solid benefits, with a few additional tactical options in its Combat Tree. In this Stance, Padmé can gain up to three Shoves, one very early, as well as the chance to Pin and Disarm her foe. The truth is this Stance’s damage output is only slightly less than with Aggressive Negotiations. One noteworthy aspect of Faith in Diplomacy is the slightly greater Healing potential in its Defense Expertise Chart, though losing some strike mitigation.

The best reason to favor Faith in Diplomacy over its alternative is when needing to contest an Active objective with wounded allies.

The bottom line here is to never underestimate the Queen of Naboo, particularly when she’s fighting alongside her body double Sabé and her Royal Handmaidens. Do not be distracted by the fancy outfit and keep your eye on that blaster she’s carrying.

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