CC-3636 Commander Wolffe & 104th Wolfpack Preview



In this preview we’re examining some of the most courageous clone troopers of the Galactic Republic: 104th Battalion’s Wolfpack Squad, led by Clone Commander Wolffe (designated CC-3636).

Wolffe is a scarred and grizzled veteran of the Clone Wars, having served Jedi Master and General Plo Koon against the Separatists. He has faced great loss in his time aboard the ironically named flagship The Triumphant, when nearly every clone trooper on the ship was killed by General Grievous, with Wolffe enduring as one of the few survivors. Perhaps for this reason, along with the example of Plo Koon, Wolffe has shown empathy and regard for his subordinates. The bonds between the various members of the Wolfpack and their leader are enduring, cemented amid some of the worst fighting of the Clone Wars. Among his other scars, Commander Wolffe lost his right eye in a clash with Sith Assassin Asajj Ventress, and had it replaced with a cybernetic replacement.

Commander Wolffe is noted for being a capable strategist and his abilities reflect this, allowing for close coordination with his soldiers. His Tactics Ability Flank ‘Em! allows an allied Clone Trooper unit to immediately Climb to an advantageous position. Additionally, Wolffe can choose to Run and Gun for an additional Dash followed by a focus action to augment his offensive output.



This fighting force further earns its name with Wolffe’s potent Wolfpack Innate Ability, which allows them, if unwounded, to take advantage of other nearby Clone Troopers to ignore detrimental effects which would hinder critical results imposed on them by the enemy. This makes them difficult to thwart when closing on their chosen prey, as does Pack Hunter, which augments the melee attacks made by Wolffe or his subordinates so long as another Clone Trooper is engaged with the target.



As his tactics suggest, Commander Wolffe is an aggressive combatant who prefers swift and overwhelming assaults, though he advances with due consideration of the disposition of his foes and evaluating how best to dismantle them. His Practical Strategist Stance serves him well, providing strong Ranged and Melee Attack stats, representing his facility to fire deadly shots with his DC-17 Blaster Pistols either at range or when engaged with his foe at point blank. When fighting in close, his Melee Attack Expertise Chart gives a greater chance for Criticals, though both his attack charts provide additional strikes. This stance’s Combat Tree offers consistent and potentially high damage, while also offering the possibility of inflicting Disarmed, Strained, or Pinned, along with up to two Shoves. Wolffe’s Defense Stats are decent, given the inherent vulnerability of his regular Phase II Clone Armor, which has a Defense Expertise Chart only sufficient to mitigate grazed shots or glancing strikes.

Wherever Commander Wolffe takes to the field he is likely to be accompanied by his brothers-in-arms among the 104th Wolfpack, whose loyalty and implacability are well known.



Like their commander, the Wolfpack Troopers also have the Run and Gun Tactics Ability and the Pack Hunter Innate Ability. This allows them to move swiftly and augment attacks with a focus action as well as to benefit from melee attacking enemies already engaged by other Clone Troopers. Additionally, they can also engage in Coordinated Fire as a Reactive Ability to allow Galactic Republic allies to inflict Strained when firing on foes in their vicinity. This means there are considerable benefits to deploying the Wolfpack with strategic forethought, positioning them carefully on the battlefield to maximize their teamwork.



Wolfpack Troopers benefit from Strength in Numbers, a Stance that reflects their training and role. Their modest attack stats will often be higher than they seem thanks to the focus action from Run and Gun or the benefit in melee from Pack Hunter. And unlike many other basic Troopers, their Melee Attack Expertise Chart is slightly stronger than its Ranged counterpart, offering an easily attained Critical, reflecting their Advanced Combat Training. The Wolfpack does not shy away from close combat. Their Combat Tree is also a bit more tactical than some of their counterparts. It offers a choice of focusing on higher damage combined with inflicting Disarmed and possibly allowing them to Climb to a better position, or focusing on knocking a target away from a vital objective with up to three Shoves and possibly inflicting Pinned.

Whether joining their traditional leader Jedi Master Plo Koon or accompanying other heroes of the Galactic Republic into battle, Commander Wolffe and his Wolfpack provide excellent support as stalwart and strategically versatile soldiers. Just try to be kind and avoid killing off all of Commander Wolffe’s subordinates, as he’s gone through that heartbreak too many times already.

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