Store Championship Kit Confusion


NOTE: Edits have been bolded and a follow up section to address concerns from the community has been added at the bottom.

We understand from communication with the community, retailers, and Asmodee that there is some confusion concerning the 2023/2024 organized play season and Store Championship Kits (SWK13, SWK14, and SWK49). This confusion involves several facets that will be covered in this transmission. If you have any questions after reading this, please email us at so that we can help.

16 Player Minimum

As listed inside the Store Championship Kits, these events require a 16 player minimum. Tournaments must have 16 unique, active players for the winner to receive an invite to Worlds.

Events with less than the 16 minimum may award all physical prizes in the kit, but the invite on the champion card will not be valid. This policy was put into place to control the competitive integrity of the invite. Each person arriving at World’s with a Store Championship invite must have competed in a tournament with at least 15 other people, making their spot fairly won in comparison to the people who they will next compete with. Winners of Store Championship Kits are also competing with World Open Qualifier Champions, so it is important that this number of requisite players is enforced.

We hope that smaller communities can work together to get enough players to award their invite(s). However, it should be noted here that these events are not necessarily right for every store or community, as it may not be possible to draw in 16 players. There are other opportunities for stores to hold events and give out neat prizes for smaller tournaments, like the OP Kits, along with other ways for players to receive invites, like the World Open Qualifiers.

We will be looking at each store’s submission and confirming their invites. This process will be completed in February 2024. At that time, we will contact players with a link for them to complete their World’s registration.

A store that is found to tamper with or untruthfully report attendance or information about their event will be removed from the Organized Play program and any invites granted to players at their events will be rescinded.

Reporting Winners

We have a Google Form setup to receive the information about Store Championship winners. Event Organizers should submit this form as soon as possible after your event. If your Store Championship occurs before January 15th, 2024, it should be submitted by that date. If it occurs between January 15th and January 31st, please submit it no later than January 31st, 2024. This allows us time to get everything in order before Worlds in March.

Stores that have not received this form from their Asomdee Sales Rep can contact Atomic Mass Games Organized Play ( with any questions.

The site listed on the invitation ( is not currently active. Once this site is active, it will hold public information about the Store Championships. However, the submission link will not and should not be posted publicly.

Competitive Seasons

The competitive organized play season for Atomic Mass Games is from May 4th until January 31st the following year, culminating in Worlds at AdeptiCon in March. Right now, we are in the 2023/2024 season between May 4th, 2023 and AdeptiCon in March 2024. During this time, there is 1 Store Championship kit, 1 World Open Qualifier kit, and 1 Worlds kit for each participating game line.

Delayed Release of SWK49

As many of you know, the Store Championship kit for Star Wars: Armada was delayed, but is now available for retailers. If retailers have questions about their events, they should reach out to Atomic Mass Games Organized Play (

Legacy Invites

Invites that were awarded prior to the pandemic were rolled over to Worlds at AdeptiCon in 2023. Moving forward, Atomic Mass Games will not be honoring any historic or rollover invites from previous years. To earn a place in Worlds 2024, you will need to win an invite in the 2023/2024 season.

Passing Down Invites

The winner of each Store Championship should be awarded the invite to the World Championship unless that player already possesses an invite, then it should be passed down to the next player in ranked order that does not have an invite. If the invite is passed down, the store or EO should report the invited player, as requested in the reporting form.

Answering Some Questions from the Community
(Updated 9/5/2023)

How can I reach you or escalate my concerns?

  • = AMG’s ticketed organized play email
  • = AMG’s ticketed general information email
  • = Asmodee’s ticketed customer service email

How long will it take to get an answer from

We understand that historically wait times for this inbox have been very long. However, in June, we added to a ticketed inbox system. This allows us to more easily manage ticket responses and wait times. While we strive to empty the inbox each business day, the complexity or novelty of your question, the amount of emails on any given day, and our travel schedule can affect this. In a normal week, 90% of emails are resolved in less than 3 business days. Include as many details as possible when contacting us to avoid any delays caused by back and forth. If you are reaching out with questions that might take some discussion, remember that this can take some time, the sooner you reach out the better.

How do we know if an answer is officially from AMG?

Only information in AMG transmissions or emails from should be considered official. If an individual or retailer would like an official answer to their question, they should reach out to and not rely on unofficial forum responses.

Will there be Last Chance Qualifiers at AdeptiCon?

We are working for the AdeptiCon schedule with the organizers. However, we can confirm that there will be Last Chance Qualifiers that award invites for each game line. The schedule will be announced in January on the AdeptiCon site.

What if my store cannot fit 16 players or cannot make 1 date work for all their players?

If your store would like to run a Store Championship in heats or with another structure, please email with a proposal to get approval. As long as it meets the player requirements and is reasonable, it would be considered.

How can we confirm our invite, do we need to wait until February?

As store submissions come in, we are working to validate them. This process will take a significant amount of time. If you would like to reach out to, we can let you know your current invite status, based on the information we have. However, if the store has not submitted the results, or it has not been validated, we would not be able to confirm your invite. If you choose to reach out, please include the name and location of the store where you played, and the date of the event.

Once a 2023/2024 Worlds invite is confirmed in writing from it is official and will be honored at AdeptiCon 2024.

How were retailers told about the requirements? Does this transmission change them?

The 16 player requirement for the Store Championships was listed in the information sheet for the kits and has always been the same. You can see the wording included in the paperwork stores received here:

This requirement has not changed since the kits were announced and distributed.


Will you allow exceptions for…?

If a player or store would like an exception to the published tournament requirements, they will need to reach out to

Who decides how many Store Championship kits a store can buy?

Asmodee Distributors around the world decide how to allocate Organized Play kits within their regions. There are many parameters that they use, including previous OP participation, kit availability, demand, etc.

My store has multiple kits, how can they be used?

Stores would need to meet the minimum requirements for EACH kit at the event where it is used. See below examples for guidance:

  • 1 kit = one 16+ player event with 1 invite
  • 2 kits = one 32+ player event with 2 invites OR two 16+ player events with 1 invite each
  • 3 kits = one 48+ players event with 3 invites OR two events one with 32+ players/2 invites and another with 16+ players/1 invite OR three 16+ player events with 1 invite each

If a store has questions about this, they should reach out to